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Explore Your Fitness Potential After 40

Marta Fowler
Elite Fitness Professional

100 Ray Street North, Hamilton, ON - L8R 2X9

Hi, I'm Marta :)

I help individuals aged 40-65 confidently pursue their current and future health and fitness goals so they can look and feel better while having more energy to enjoy their best life.   I deliver results through personal training services, specialty fitness classes, and coaching programs both online and in person. 

Professional, certified fitness programs are designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Choose a service package suitable for your ambitions and lifestyle.

Current Services

Donna Calder-Louth

Marta offered me more than I expected - a personal walk-through of all activities with thorough demonstration and coaching, a written outline followed by a video of exactly how each exercise should be performed. Since I wanted a home program, she also followed up on my progress. Working with Marta leaves nothing unattended.

I'm a former long-distance runner, and as organized events came to a screeching halt thanks to the pandemic, my fitness routine followed. I was hooked when I heard about Marta and the virtual classes she offered through a long-time friend. I have honestly never felt better. I would highly recommend Marta to anyone considering the services of a personal trainer!

Frances Vicirca

With Marta's help, my fitness condition improved a great deal.  Marta customizes her training programs for every client, and she is well prepared and organized for you to reach your fitness goals. Marta is a true professional and highly personable. She uses the right balance of listening to her client's needs while pushing them to reach higher. 

Nancy MacDonald

Marta Fowler

Accredited and recognized as an Elite Level Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional helping women aged 40-65 get fit for the last time!


In-person services are hosted at:


Marta Fowler Fitness

100 Ray Street North

Hamilton, ON - L8R 2X9 

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