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Personal Training

When you sign-up for this option, you get your trainer's undivided attention during training.  


Without distraction, your trainer focuses exclusively on you and your experience.  The private setting allows for more precision and detailed observation of your form, allowing your coach to tailor your plan to maximize and accelerate your progress.  


While the 1-on-1 training makes it pricier of the available options, the results are well worth the investment because your coach will teach you about the "why" behind your program so you can develop the confidence you need to work out on your own in the future.

Fit Together

This option is ideal for individuals looking for the benefits of private personal training without the cost of the 1-on-1 service or at the expense of their meaningful relationships.  


The primary difference between private and semi-private personal training is that in the semi-private setting, your trainer will simultaneously work with an intimate group of 2-4 individuals related to one another through family, friendship, or mutual interest.


Unlike a class, the program encompasses individual needs and goals while remaining congruent with personal ability and progression.

Experience a deeper connection with your body and join a community of motivated peers. Perfect for those wanting to overcome a fitness plateau.

Adaptable Structure

Marta's experience has shown that people crave flexibility. Addressing this, she offers small group classes in 6-week segments, allowing participants to better manage their schedules without feeling tied down. Missing a class? No stress.

What To Expect

Variety: Every 6-week cycle offers something new, influenced by the season, location, latest fitness trends, and participant input.

All-Round Training: Some sessions focus on endurance through circuits; others on strength building.

Holistic Focus: Each class challenges you physically and mentally, using functional movements and equipment.

Engaging Workouts: Stay captivated and maximize the benefits of every minute spent training.

Key Points

Small group training.


Energize yourself and reignite your passion for fitness.

Drop-In, Bundle, or All-You-Can-Fit budget friendly options!


Participation in the program requires a basic level of fitness experience and literacy. Please complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire & Informed Consent before signing up.




If you are injured or consider yourself a beginner, please reach out before signing up to ensure this service is appropriate for your goals.

Semi-Private Training
Specialty Classes
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