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Total Body Clean-Up Challenge

You’ve spent three years waiting for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted so you can get back to living your life to the fullest. But now that you can, you lack the motivation to engage in the very things you’ve been missing!  


Oh, the irony!


You’ve waited so long; waiting has become an unhealthy habit! 


And habits are hard to break! 


So now that the things you have been waiting for have finally arrived, you struggle to shift gears and engage with them cold turkey. 


The bad news is that feeling chronically unmotivated compromises focus, productivity, and joy in life. It also erodes your physical, emotional, mental, and psychological health compromises your immune system, disrupts sleep patterns, and can lead to depression. 


The good news is that recognizing an unhealthy habit allows you to re-assess and prioritize self-care by improving your physical and mental health.


The true and tested 28-Day-Total-Body-Cleanup Challenge helps you ease into healthy habits without exacerbating your mental and emotional capacity. 


The challenge is structured to set you up for success and allows you to reclaim your healthy habits one week at a time. 

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