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2024 Outdoor Fitness Series 

Get ready to meet a healthier, more confident, and energized version of yourself!

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Presented by Trainer Marta
Elite Fitness Professional

Embark on a Transformative Six-Week Outdoor Fitcamp Journey!

Join me in the program, where exhilarating workouts, a surge in energy, heightened confidence, and new friendships await.

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Join the program and experience the transformative benefits of fitness!


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What Others Said 

This is the best place I've ever worked out! The classes are small, so much attention is given to each client: proper form, positive reinforcement and modifying any exercise to suit personal needs. But best of all, Marta herself is excellent! She's a wealth of knowledge and is every client's biggest cheerleader!

Amanda Lucia

About The Program


Your Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Series

Seeking a fitness regime that injects vibrancy, energy, and fulfillment into your life? 


Trainer Marta's "Fit Over 40" is the answer with its transformative 6-week outdoor fitness series.

As a catalyst for change, Marta crafts sessions that are not just workouts but empowering community experiences. She combines precise intensity with the motivational force of group dynamics, leaving you invigorated after each session.



🎯 Embrace the Marta Difference:

  • Scheduling Freedom: Busy schedule? Marta provides the flexibility you need to integrate fitness seamlessly into your life.

  • Dynamic Workouts: Break free from monotony with Marta's diverse and engaging workouts that fuel continual progress.

  • No Long-term Commitment: Enjoy a structured, six-week program that renews your focus on fitness without an extended commitment.

  • Empowerment in Action: Marta's approach goes beyond physical training; it's a journey towards a stronger, more empowered you.

  • Community Spirit: Be part of a community of enthusiastic fitness lovers who support and energize each other.

Marta's dedication to your fitness journey sets her apart. She's invested in your goals and dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Her sessions are tailored to your current fitness level and designed to propel you to your next milestone.

Anticipated 2024 Training Schedule!

The Spring, Summer, and Fall 2024 series are in the works! Take advantage of the updates that will fine-tune your fitness journey.

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Join our community and commit to a fitness journey where satisfaction and health go hand-in-hand. Are you ready to join Trainer Marta on this vibrant journey?

With "Fit Over 40," rediscover your peak years—they're not behind you; they're on the horizon.

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Experience a healthier and more vibrant you! The six-week fit camp program offers invigorating workouts, newfound vitality, heightened confidence, and new connections while having fun in the great outdoors!

🌟 Elevate Your Fitness

Swap boring workouts for exhilarating challenges that will sculpt your body and supercharge your fitness journey.

💥 Skyrocket Your Energy

Wave goodbye to fatigue and hello to a new, energized you! Each session will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

🚀 Boost Your Confidence

As you conquer each obstacle, you'll build unshakable self-confidence achieving goals you never thought possible.

outdoor fit camp

Fit Camp Strategy Example

Embark on a dynamic 6-week journey that combines diverse training modalities for a comprehensive fitness experience. Each week, participants will be introduced to a specific training focus, ensuring a multifaceted approach that aims at consistent progression.

Week 1

Body Bonanza


Training Mission


Cultivate functional strength, mobility, and body awareness.




Standard Workout


Dual Dynamics: Blend of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises for comprehensive muscle engagement.

Total Body Tabata: Metabolically charged high-intensity intervals.

Circuit Burst: Unilateral and plyometric drills for amplified stability and power.

Waist Watchers: Light dumbbell sequences followed by high-intensity bodyweight cardio.

Week 4

DB Domination


Training Mission

Carve muscle definition, elevate overall strength, and boost muscular endurance.



Standard Workout

Lift & Shift: Engaging compound movements like thrusters and renegade rows.

Pyramid Power: Ascending weights and descending repetitions challenge.

Sculpt & Sweat: High-repetition toning sequences with moderate weights.

Dynamic Duo: Synergistic dumbbell and bodyweight routines.

Rep It Out Core-strengthening drills with innovative lifting techniques.

Week 2

Resistance Revival


Training Mission


Integrate park settings with resistance bands to fortify functional strength and improve mobility.

Standard Workout

Band Blitz: Leverage park fixtures with resistance bands for enhanced muscle engagement.

Pull & Pulse: Collaborative partner exercises using park amenities and bands.

Circuit Surge: Diverse full-body exercises with resistance bands.

Total Terrain Blast: Tabata-inspired sessions utilizing resistance bands across various park terrains.

Week 5

Kettlebell Khaos


Training Mission


Engage multifaceted muscle groups, promote balance, and foster functional prowess.




Standard Workout

Swing & Sizzle: Comprehensive routines centered around kettlebell swing variants.

Balance & Burn: Single-leg kettlebell drills for stability and strength enhancement.

Flow & Forge: Smooth transition exercises, oscillating between moves.

Grit & Grind: Intense endurance circuits with minimal rest periods.

Week 3

Slam  Showdown


Training Mission


Optimize cardiovascular intensity, muscular power, and coordination.


Standard Workout

Slam & Sprint: High-energy slam ball routines complemented with swift sprint intervals.

Core Crusher: Core-centric exercises utilizing the slam ball.

Ballistic Bursts: Explosive plyometrics with the slam ball.

Total Body Turmoil: Circuit-based exercises using slams, throws, and squats.

Ground & Pound: Varied slamming techniques to target multiple muscle zones.

Week 6

Steel Mace Mastery

Training Mission
Hone core rotational strength, elevate overall power, and focus on less-targeted muscle groups.
Standard Workout

Mace Movement:
Foundational steel mace techniques introduction.

Twist & Turn: Core-strengthening rotational drills.

Balance & Battle: Off-centered exercises like lunges and presses for stability enhancement.

Flow & Flexibility: Fluid sequence transitions to amplify functional fitness.

Steel Stamina: Power-packed intervals interweaving strength and endurance techniques.

Timeless Fitness: Journey Through Bootcamps of the Past

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