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"Jingle All The Weight" offers a high-octane fitness experience for participants with pre-existing training experience. 

If you want personalized attention and a program emphasizing rapid progress, this service is for you!

Given the intensive nature, admission to the program is limited!


Only 12 spots are available!


Training Mission: 

🚀 Finish 2023 with unmatched energy and strength 

🌟 Enter the festive season radiating confidence 

🔄 Build momentum to kickstart a healthy new year

Training Schedule

What You Get

🔍 Personal pre and post-program fitness assessments


📆 Weekly check-ins & challenges to keep you engaged 

💌 Motivational emails to fuel your determination 

🥗 Nutritional Guidance: Savor healthy festive recipes, indulge in tasty, guilt-free alternatives, and embrace mindful eating tips 

🎵 The Festive Touch: Dive deep into the holiday spirit with festive music, decor, and theme-based workout attire days



 Give yourself the ultimate gift of health and fitness this holiday season! 🎁🌟

Book your spot today! 📌

Weekly Training Schedule

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