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Presented By: Trainer Marta


MAY 13 - AUG 25


Get ready to elevate your fitness with Trainer Marta's exclusive Summer Shred Series!


The program aims to sculpt, tone, and build lean muscle through various effective training methods. Whether it's powering through HIIT sprints, mastering strength training intervals, or leaping into plyometrics, each session is designed to challenge your limits and drive you toward your fitness goals, all while keeping your body in peak condition.

The payoff?

A sense of newfound strength, unshakable confidence, and the ability to proudly flaunt your sculpted physique all summer long.


Training Schedule

 *Important Exceptions* 

Mon May 20 - rescheduled to Tue May 21 

July 1-6 - NO CLASSES 

Mon Aug 5 - rescheduled to Tue Aug 6 


What To Expect

Here are some sample workouts to give you a preview of what to expect:​

Training Locations



Back by popular demand, we're taking our Saturday training sessions outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air.

*RAIN DAYS move to 100 Ray St N*

Join Marta and others like you in the program, where exhilarating workouts, a surge in energy, heightened confidence, and new friendships await.

Choose one of amazing pricing options to secure your spot today! ☑️


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