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Momentum Builder

Starts: January 8, 2024


Momentum Builder Bootcamp is a dynamic, three-week training program designed to establish a robust foundation in functional fitness for participants preparing for the upcoming intensive six-week March installment.


This program is tailored to build physical strength and endurance and enhance overall functional abilities, ensuring participants are ready to tackle the more rigorous challenges ahead with increased confidence and capability.


This program is ideal for individuals who:

Want to get a head start on the intensive training in March with a focus on real-world fitness applications ✅

Are eager to build foundational functional fitness skills in a supportive, fast-paced environment ✅

Are motivated to invest in personal empowerment through physical and mental resilience ✅


Week-by-Week Breakdown

Week 1: Foundations - Laying the groundwork in functional fitness, focusing on exercises that improve daily life activities, enhance mobility, and build core strength.

Week 2: Development - Building upon foundational skills with more advanced training elements. This week introduces complex movements that simulate real-life scenarios, emphasizing balance, agility, and power.


​​Week 3: Momentum - Solidifying skills and knowledge focusing on integrating functional movements into more challenging routines. This week is about reinforcing endurance, coordination, and mental fortitude, preparing participants for the transition to the intensive program.



Enhanced Daily Life Performance: Training is designed to make everyday activities more manageable and efficient, improving overall quality of life 🎯

Injury Prevention: By focusing on building the strength of muscles used in daily activities, participants are less likely to experience injuries 🎯

Increased Muscle Memory: Functional fitness enhances the body’s ability to learn and adapt to various physical situations 🎯

Improved Balance and Posture: Regular functional fitness training significantly improves balance and posture, which is beneficial in all aspects of life 🎯

Greater Flexibility and Mobility: The program emphasizes full-body movements that improve flexibility and mobility, which are crucial for overall health and well-being 🎯


Participants will leave the Momentum Builder Bootcamp prepared for our intensive March program and equipped with a set of functional fitness skills that will serve them in their everyday lives, promoting long-term health and vitality.

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